Our products:



– the perfect gadget for every amateur of good book –

Cable organizers

– a very useful little things for everyone! No more tangled cables –

Card holders

– business card holder with the logo or your name? This is it! –

Cases for phones and tablets

– stylish and effective protection of tablets and phones –

Containers and boxes

– from now on every little thing will have their place! –

First Aid Kit

– perfect gift for the participants first aid courses, the elderly and students –

For children

– big pencil case or “Tic Tac Toe” – Unusual gadgets for the youngest –


– 6 unique types of keychains, each different, all unique –


– for Large and small notes –

Pencil cases

– Ssmall, practical and charming –

Sachets and beauticians

– accommodate all the treasures  –

Table mats & coasters

– the small for glasses, the large for plates and perhaps for a Laptop or a mouse? great gadget for everyone –

Other gadgets

– you want to create something special and unique? You’ve come to the right place! –

Set of gadgets

 – from the pendant to the pencil case and notebooks – a series of complementary gadgets –